Membership Information

Membership Information

New Members Save $25 Through February 28, 2019

AFWA Membership Benefits-Discount

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Email your application to: Paula Bishop  at mailto:

Corporate Members add so much more than names to your Chapter roster. When a company encourages 5 or more employees to join AFWA, they are making an investment in our organization. We recognize Corporate Members at a National Level, but there are a number of ways you can partner at the local level as well – all of which will help to ensure the members’ annual renewal.

  • Ask if the Company will become a program or event sponsor for your chapter
  • Find out if they have a board room you can utilize for meetings or smaller discussions
  • Invite the members into leadership positions within your chapter (most likely, that’s what the employer is hoping for)
  • Promote them as a Corporate Member on your Chapter webpage and ask if they’d like to contribute to your newsletter

Give Corporate Members a special ribbon for their meeting namebadges.  Visit Corporate Membership on

AFWA Corporate Membership Brochure          AFWA-Developes Employees


Attention Members:     So that you do not miss any important news from AFWA, please remember to update your contact information through our national website.  You will need your username and password.  National website

Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance Membership Benefits

  • Leadership potential and organizational skills can be developed as an active member.
  • Networking opportunities to meet and exchange ideas with other professional women.
  • CPE Credits for attendance at monthly dinner meetings, seminars, technical sessions at regional and national meetings.
  • Employee opportunities through the chapter job bank.
  • Speaking and writing development through chapter activities.
  • Monthly bulletins promote communication among members.
  • Community service as leader in workshops, scholarships and awards, individual and chapter involvement in the community.
  • National benefits include group insurance, loan assistance, discounts on business publications, credit card and other benefits.

Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance Membership Status

  • Regular/Dual Member: Must hold a CPA certificate or equivalent or have at least two years experience in accounting or hold a Bachelor’s degree in accounting.
    Annual Dues $263 (National dues of $214 plus Bellevue Chapter dues of $49) plus a one-time $25 new membership fee  (Save $25 on the one time application fee through February 28, 2019)
  • Affiliate Member: Not actively engaged in accounting or have a substantial interest in accounting.
    Annual Dues $263 (National dues of $214 plus Bellevue Chapter dues of $49) plus a one-time $25 new membership fee(Save $25 on the one time application fee through February 28, 2019)
  • Associate Member: Regularly enrolled student or less than two years experience in accounting.  $25 application fees are always waived for student membership
    Annual Dues $122 (National dues of $99 plus Bellevue Chapter dues of $23).
  • Retired Member: Members must meet specified qualifications to attain this status.  Annual Dues $75. Download the Retired Member Qualification form here

For information, contact:


Paula Bishop, Membership Chair