Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance

Welcome to the Bellevue Chapter of the Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance

Hello AFWA Bellevue Chapter members,

In 1990 the Seattle chapter helped charter the Bellevue chapter as many of the members worked or lived on the Eastside. Our Bellevue chapter grew and gave members and guests opportunities to network, learn, make friends, and develop skills to grow in their profession.

While we continue with a core of committed members, we do have fewer members than in the past and the work of leading the chapter has fallen on fewer shoulders. One of the bright spots in this pandemic has been learning how easy it is to collaborate with other AFWA chapters. Therefore, one of the ideas the board has explored is merging back with the Seattle chapter to create a joint Seattle-Bellevue chapter.

Here are some details of how this would work:

  1. We would need some members of both chapters to serve on the board of the joint chapter. Joining forces raises the potential for a larger board to spread the workload and the ability to fill positions that had gone unfilled. Please consider stepping up and contributing!
  2. Discussions with the Seattle board indicate that, after in-person meetings are allowed again, meetings could rotate between Seattle, Bellevue, and online.
  3. Conversations with national AFWA indicate that the official process for the merger will be the dissolution of the Bellevue chapter and the transfer of our members and assets to the Seattle chapter.

The vote to approve this merger/dissolution will take place in conjunction with the May 10th meeting hosted by the Tacoma chapter on Zoom.

We would love to get your questions and feedback. Please email me at and I will share your reactions with the rest of the board.


Ellie Gittelman, President

The mission of the Accounting & Financial Women’s Alliance is to enable women in all accounting and finance fields to achieve their full potential and to contribute to their profession.