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Local Events

 Fall  North End Tax Roundtable Seminar

Slated for December 2021

We are seeking volunteers to chair the event

The AFWA Tax Roundtable has been hosting a one day tax seminar that would give attendees 8 hours of CPE.   In past years, we have kept the cost of CPE low and yet provide excellent topics and speakers.  Just an example, our speakers this past  December 11, 2020 were:

Michelle Fait, CPA : ” Building Wealth/Blocking Wealth: How Our Tax and Financial Institutions Support Inequity in Personal Finance

Kenneth C Weil, JD: “Bankruptcy – Tax Primer”

Susan Shore & Ginger, Department of Revenue Estate Tax Division:Washington Estate Tax Return Preparation & Examination

Anna Au, CPA, TEP: “Basics of Form 1041 and Elections to Consider

A special “THANK YOU” to Mary Hawkins and Reena Pala for chairing this seminar.  You both are greatly appreciated!!!

 North End Tax Roundtable:

The Bellevue Chapter of AFWA partners with the Seattle Chapter and conducts the North End Tax Roundtable on the first Wednesday of the month in Seattle. Contact Paula Bishop at membership@bellevueafwa.org for meeting times and topics. Tax problems are discussed, as well as various tax topics in the news.

Other Chapter Events

For other AFWA Spring Conferences held throughout the nation, please visit http://www.afwa.org/events   

National Events

AFWA 2021 National Conference 
October 20-22, 2021

The 2021 annual AFWA National Conference was held virtually for the safety of attendees.

Check out our national website:   www.afwa.org